"I do gift wrapping, as soon as I saw MASU's patterns I knew I had to try a few sheets. I ordered a few of my favorite patterns but once they arrived, I think the quality of the paper is what struck me. It's nothing like anything I've wrapped with before; it has a smooth buttery feel to it, folds easy, doesn't scratch or leave marks, and looks like a modern luxe package once everything is wrapped. It will now be in regular rotation for gift wrapping." -Vanessa

"Heavier than anticipated. Looks just like the web page." -Paula

"As it’s now one of my FAVORITE gift wrapping papers I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. From its luxurious and refined texture, to its bright, colorful and brilliant patterns. This is one fine and gorgeous line of gift wrapping paper." - Monica

"Your paper is gorgeous in person!!!!!" - Amy

"I loved giving and using Masu paper! My mother and sister loved the pattern and I loved the coverage of the gift!! I am keeping the extra to hang as artwork in my office!" - Krista

"I "rate" good paper based on how easily I can slide a pair of scissors down it when I cut a long strip. Who's with me? I loved the thickness, the colors, the way it folded when I wrapped a book with it,,,all of it! Looking forward to buying a different pattern for an upcoming birthday. MASU and Libby are great!" - Beth