I saved some jam and pickle jars to upcycle into a fun, beautiful project. They are the perfect size to create paper vases for. These are easy to make and extra fun with a different paper on each side. I made some vases with scrap paper before using the wrapping paper and I recommend you do the same. The PDF included at the end of this post has templates for 3 different styles of vases, but I highly encourage you to have fun and experiment with your own styles. This is where it's great to practice with scrap paper!

So how much paper will you need for these beauties? It depends on how big your vessels are, but I've made two examples to give you an idea. If you have vessels at home already, measure them to figure out how much paper you'll need before you buy paper. The pattern area of MASU sheets is 19.75"x28.5". 

For a 17.25 oz jam jar that’s 5” high with a circumference of about 9.25” you’ll need two pieces of paper sized at 6”x9.25”. You can get 8 pieces this size out of one sheet of wrapping paper. 

For a tall, slender container that’s 9” high with a circumference of 8.5” you’ll need two pieces of paper sized at 10”x8.5”. You can get 5 pieces this size out of one sheet of wrapping paper. 

When it comes to glue, I highly recommend a permanent glue stick. This paper tends to get very wrinkly if you use wet glue. I recommend and use this glue stick.

Add candy, markers, pens, scissors, flowers & more to your vase. To make a fun, unique light, add a small battery powered tea light to your vase!

Here are some playful MASU paper partners to use for the vases!

Check out all 28 heavy-weight, velvety smooth wrapping papers to create your pretty, planet-friendly combos!

This PDF includes step by step instructions along with some visual instructions and 3 vase silhouettes sized at different heights. 

I'd LOOOOVE to see your creations! Shoot me an email to hello@givemasu.com or tag me (@givemasu) when you post them on Instagram. Happy creating!

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