When I was thinking of a name for MASU, it had to meet three criteria. It had to be 1-2 words (preferably 1 word), the word(s) had to be short (6 characters or less), and had to relate to giving.

I've always been fascinated with language so I set out to find what words or phrases meant "giving" or "to give" in other languages. When Google translate wasn't giving me what I wanted, I did an internet search for "giving" or "to give" in other languages. I eventually came across a webpage that talked about two words that meant "to give" in Japanese, agemasu and kuremasu. Agemasu is used when you are giving to someone. Kuremasu is used when someone is giving to you. When I saw both words ended in "masu" I KNEW that was it! It met ALL of my criteria. 

Once I had the name, I got to work on the logo. I wanted the letters to be connected because giving is about connecting with others. We are playful, thoughtful, and bold so I incorporated these into the logo. The "A" and "U" leaning sideways represent our playful side. The attention to detail and meaning I put into creating the logo represents our thoughtful side. Our bold side is represented through the thick letters and the logo just being the name. In some initial concepts I included little graphic bits around the name, but it was more striking without them. 

When it came to choosing brand colors, they also had to reflect playful, thoughtful, and bold. The color palette I chose I had already created for our Terrazzo Splash design. I received very positive feedback about the color palette and it did reflect playful, thoughtful, and bold. Win win!

Of course I had to make a repeat pattern using the logo! I was so happy it made such a cool pattern and that I could easily incorporate the words "playful", "thoughtful", and "bold" into the pattern. Which color way of the logo repeat pattern is your favorite? 

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