I bought some fresh flowers from a local florist recently to take photos with some of our greeting cards and wrapping paper. Flowers aren't usually something I buy just to have around. They are usually something I get from family because of a holiday or occasion. After taking photos, I put the flowers in a vase. It was so nice to have something that looks and smells beautiful in our home. Plus, it's great to support a local business with great people! This is where I got the flowers: https://secretgardenmo.com/.

Please support local florists, gift shops, and artisans for Mother's Day. The majority of florists now make it easy to order from them on their website. If you don't live near the person you are sending flowers to, google florists in their area and head to their website. If they don't have a website or online ordering, call them up. 

I hope you enjoy the "Flower Power" wallpapers for May. :)



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