In today's tutorial we show you how to give pencils in a fun, easy way. You can also put pens, markers, and paintbrushes in these. Give that creative person in your life their tools in a creative way! 

One sheet of our wrapping paper will yield 8-7"x7" squares. You will have a piece of paper left over that's the full length of the paper and almost 5.75" wide. This leftover piece is great for making bows or making smaller pouches. You can use any size paper square for the pouches. Smaller pouches are great for markers and pens since they are usually shorter than pencils. 

Looking for awesome pencils that are American made? Musgrave Pencil has you covered. We use their pencils and love them!

Tag us on Instagram at @givemasu and use #madewithmasu so we can see and share your beautiful creations. 

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