One of the foundations of MASU is that our products, marketing materials, and packing/shipping materials are made in America. I knew that going all American made meant spending more money, but sticking to this was very important to me and always will be. I also check to see if what I'm purchasing/using is recycled and/or recyclable. A lot of research goes into finding items that are American-made, recycled, AND recyclable. If I find something that's made in America and it's not also recycled and recyclable, I will keep looking. While I prefer to have all three values in an item, if I can only find American-made and recycled or American-made and recyclable after exhaustive research, I can live with that. Progress over perfection. 

Here are three big reasons why I love American-made:

1. It supports American businesses and workers.
2. It reduces our carbon footprint because our products and other materials are traveling shorter distances.
3. Working conditions and pay are typically better than overseas manufacturers. 

This article also does a great job of explaining why you should buy American-made. 

You can support businesses that have American-made products by purchasing from them, writing a review if you've made a purchase, sharing their social media posts, signing up for their email list, and telling your friends and family about them. 

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