Someone recently asked us if 1 sheet of our paper was big enough to cover their gift. They sent the dimensions of the box and one sheet was not enough to cover the box. In the course of the conversation they said "This sheet thing is so strange to me why can't we go back to rolls?"

So why does our wrap only come in sheets? Since it's a specialty paper, that's the only way the mill makes it. That simple. We understand it's a bummer when you go to wrap a gift and you don't have enough paper so we totally get wanting to know upfront if the sheet is big enough.

We've created a wrap calculator to help you estimate how much paper you will need to wrap a gift so bummers are avoided. We've posted the calculator below and it's a link in our main navigation menu. 

We've done our best to make sure our calculator is accurate. Before you cut your paper check to make sure the cut piece will be big enough to cover your gift. Measure twice, or more, and cut once.

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