You read that right, algae ink. The majority of black ink is made from fossil fuels, but algae ink is made from......algae. 

I first came across this ink through EcoEnclose. EcoEnclose specializes in eco-friendly packaging and shipping supplies. We get our heavy duty kraft paper and shipping labels from them. 

EcoEnclose has a really great page about algae ink so I will link to that page here. Here is a blurb from the page: "It utilizes algae cells for pigments, making it safer and cleaner to work with, and more compatible with the recycling and composting process. Algae Ink is a net negative carbon technology, with each bucket of ink sequestering the same carbon as two trees."

Science is amazing!!!

There's also a YouTube video of the founder of Living Ink Technologies, who creates the ink, talking about algae ink. 

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