Terrazzo Splash is a design I love because it's great for different occasions and I developed my favorite color palette from this design. It's the same color palette I use for MASU branding. 

I'm not really one for trends, but the terrazzo trend intrigued me so I hopped on Pinterest and made a board.

Here is a part of my Pinterest board. 


The original version is not the "splash" version. It's called "Textured Terrazzo." While I do still love this version, there was something about the "Splash" that I liked a bit better. 


The "Splash" part of the design came from fun I had with paper, ink, and an ink air blower. The terrazzo chips I drew in Illustrator. 

I don't remember how I thought the terrazzo chips would look good with the pen & ink drawing, but they do!


The "Splash" design was also done in two other color ways using the same color palette as the two versions that are on the website. 


I came up with the color palette from looking at the colors of all the terrazzo chips in my Pinterest board. I made a bunch of colored circles in Illustrator and played with color combos until I came up with a palette I liked. 

What do you think of the "textured" design? Do you like it better than the "splash" version? Do you like the other color ways of the "splash" design? I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

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