Today is National Coffee Day! I have coffee every morning. I'm surprised when I have blood drawn that it comes out red. 

One coffee brand that I've been really loving on is Copper Moon Coffee. I've had all of their flavored coffee's, but my favorite is the Hawaiian Hazelnut. I love hazelnut! Their 12oz bags are ground coffee and I don't have a traditional coffee maker, but I do have an espresso machine and a bean grinder. So I put the ground coffee in the grinder and grind it to espresso grind and it works GREAT! I mix the espresso with water to make an Americano. Great hot or iced! Let me know if you try this coffee hack in the comments. 

We have a local coffee shop that has a Madagascar Vanilla Nut flavored coffee and it's AMAZING. You can buy it here

Many nationwide and local shops have deals on National Coffee Day. Here is a list from Today that lists 31 deals and freebies.

Remember to pop into your favorite local coffee shop today and see if they have National Coffee Day deals.  

Are you a coffee person? If so, do you have a usual? Let us know in the comments. 

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