A few years ago I watched a Skillshare class by Bonnie Christine that goes through a bunch of Illustrator tools. After watching this class, I fell in love with using Image Trace on my own photographs. 

Flower Bomb was the first pattern I made using Image Trace with my own photographs. I was used to using it on my black and white drawings, but not color photographs. Here is the photo I used:

I picked out the flowers I wanted to use and began playing with Image Trace until I got shapes and textures I thought looked good. Once I had all three flowers, I then worked on the layout and color. I used the middle parts of the flowers for the background texture, making them bigger so they stood out. 

Here is the original colorway and concept for this design:

What I really love about this design is how it looks good in so many colorways. What do you think of the original concept and colorway? Do you prefer the original colorway or the ones used for wrapping paper?

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