Today's blog post is about a blog post. Monica of Pretty Present is a professional gift wrapper and wrote an amazing & thorough review of MASU paper. It also showcases her beautiful wrapping & styling skills. 

She shows how simple, elegant finishes really make our paper pop. As a lover of bullet points, I really love the heart bullet point summary near the end of the article also. 

Don't just take our word for how amazing our paper is to wrap with, take it from a professional wrapper. :)

"Now, to be pretty honest. As first I was a little hesitant. Because the paper is on the thicker side, in terms of gift wrapping paper weight. My estimate would be putting it at around or a bit above #30lb, paper weight. If you’re not too familiar with this. If gift wrapping paper is too thin. It will rip and tear like crazy. Or worse yet. One can often see right through the paper. And if gift wrapping paper is too thick, it’ll likely crack. And the print or colors will start to chip off the folds. Leaving you with broken, cracked ugly marks all over the gift. MASU’s paper did NOT CRACK!! I was able to fold it pretty easily. And after scoring the edges of the gift. The prints all stayed intact. No cracking! No breaking. No pressure. Incredible, I thought. And a true testament to how well this line of gift wrapping paper is truly made."

You can read Monica's full review here. Make sure to give her a follow on Instagram too!

The photo featured in the article was taken by Pretty Present

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